Measure Twice, Cut Once

The best way to increase new customer conversions on financial websites is to Leverage data, rather than designer opinions for design and content improvements. Find the best headline, the optimal positioning and the preferred call to action by gathering data from real users over time. This is generally done with A/B testing and analysis of reports from several analytical tools. By having actual data available, your marketing team will be able to measure effectiveness of campaigns and promotions, thus providing evidence for programmatic changes, which in turn is better for your ROI.

Our Metrics Planning Concept

The strategy behind building a new site starts with the end result, which is data. In order to calculate ROI on any marketing project, you need raw data that can be analyzed and used in future decision making. By scrutinizing your target market and product offerings, we can tailor sections of your website to the conversion funnels you desire.

When your marketing plan is fully integrated into the build of your website, you can get accurate results faster and with more flexibility. On the contrary, if you don't plan for user engagement and upcoming A/B tests, it can be difficult to implement changes, which cuts into any positive ROI. A good strategy includes planning ahead and continually monitoring and making small changes to your content in order to hone it into exactly what customers need. Through use of Umbraco and the drag and drop functionality it brings, content editors and marketing managers have more control and ability to implement techniques for gathering data in the right places at the right time.

What's Included

We document a strategy and monthly plan that will encompass the use of A/B testing, heatmaps and analytics. First we establish goals and baseline user behavior across your domains. Then we present a strategy for collecting user data. Next we scrutinize the site for the areas that are likely to have the biggest impact on conversions and we develop alternative designs or copy to test. We implement the A/B test, monitor the results and provide you with regular updates and key takeaways. When test results point to a plausible change in the design, we implement the change and move on to more testing.

Through weekly check-ins and monthly review meetings, we stay on track with your company goals, which provides optimal results for your marketing.

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