Features & Benefits

We've been fortunate to work with some of the best and brightest leaders in industry, spanning the financial, manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, and retail sectors. Below is a compilation of the features we commonly build for our client projects.

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Lead Generation Funnels

Are you getting decent traffic to your website, but having trouble turning them into customers? Imagine have a strong marketing program that leads prospects to your website, where they are eager to leave you their contact information. Our Lead Generation Funnels are designed to give your customers content that is so valuable they can't wait for you to call them back.
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ATM & Store Locators

When your business has physical locations - like a store, branch, or ATM - or you have agents/dealers who distribute your products and services, a Store Locator can be a great addition to your website. Action-oriented customers are looking to connect with your company to make their purchase, so providing them direct access is a winning idea.
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If you've ever head the phrase "customer experience", you're in good company, but what does that even mean? One of the best ways to get customers to feel more comfortable is to tailor their experience to their needs through personalization. Use their name in your content, retrieve past information from their accounts and give them a touch of familiarity with our customized options.
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Lead Management

Whether you have an existing system to manage leads, contacts, automation, and workflows, or you are looking for a new solution, Scandia can provide you with an integration that will satisfy all of your business requirements.
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Metrics Gathering & A/B Testing

Let go of frustrating opinion wars by allowing us to transform your site into a data gathering machine. Once you can make every design and content decision with reliable metrics, your confidence and company growth will soar.