01.19.2024 by Scandia

Umbraco Commerce Community Grows Stronger: Scandia Joins the Team for a New Chapter!

The Umbraco Commerce Community is gearing up for an exciting year with the introduction of its all-new Commerce Community Team. Among the 12 dedicated members is our very own Nik Wahlberg from Scandia, a seasoned expert in the digital commerce realm. The selection process was rigorous, with a focus on individuals boasting extensive commerce experience across diverse platforms.

Nik Wahlberg, the Founder at Scandia, brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience, having successfully implemented various solutions on the Umbraco platform. Notably, his team's work on SwipeIt.com, a complex and business-critical project processing substantial annual sales, showcases their proficiency and ability to drive impressive growth.

The Commerce Community Team comprises a mix of strategic decision-makers and technical enthusiasts, ensuring a holistic approach to advancing Umbraco Commerce. Nik emphasizes the importance of clear communication around the platform, calling for a microsite to illustrate user experiences. He also highlights the need for Umbraco Commerce to cater to enterprise-scale requirements, emphasizing flexibility and robustness.

With the team assembled, including other notable members like Paul de Metter, Rachelle Epley, and Tobias Høst, the Umbraco Commerce Community is set to delve into strategic plans, commerce architecture, B2B requirements, and emerging trends in 2024. The focus is on shaping the future of Umbraco Commerce and solidifying its position in the ever-evolving digital commerce landscape.

Read more about this exciting news here: https://umbraco.com/blog/meet-the-new-commerce-community-team/