How We Make a Website

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Discovery & Analysis

For your new product to be successful online, we start by pinpointing the needs and characteristics of your target audience via personas and user profiles. We base all our decisions on your customers and lead generation goals.  If data already exists for user behavior, analytics or A/B testing, we carefully scrutinize anything we can get our hands on to ensure you end up with a positive ROI and measurable results upon completion of the project.

  • Discovery with Detailed Questioning Based on Business Goals
  • Data & User Behavior Analysis
  • Content & Code Audit
  • Business Consulting for Internal Workflows, Features, Apps & Integrations
  • Project Planning & Think Tank
  • Marketing & A/B Testing Strategy
  • Information Architecture Design
  • Conversion Funnel Planning & Design
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Design & Development

The design phase is probably the most exciting part of a project. This is where you start to see tangible results for all of those ideas we've come up with as a team. We realize that the design process can be different for every project. We’re among a few agencies that are pioneering the use of the concept, "designing in the browser.

  • Business Consulting
  • Project Planning
  • Prototyping & POC
  • eMarketing Strategy
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Online Marketing

At this phase of the project, we employ a unique process to review, analyze, and understand the data of how your business will be perceived online. We understands that it takes effort, diligence, and persistence to ensure that your products and services are found and distinguished from the competition.

  • Search Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click Adds
  • Content Strategy
  • Landing Pages
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Tablet & Mobile

Responsive is no longer just a marketing buzzword. We get the importance of it and that is why we no longer approach a project for the Web without it. What we also know is that it’s not just about resizing text and images, it's designing for the audience no matter how they choose to consume your content.

  • Business Consulting
  • Project Planning
  • Prototyping & POC
  • eMarketing Strategy

Why We're Qualified to Build Your Umbraco Website

Scandia exclusively builds sites in Umbraco and we are therefore experts in the best CMS in the world. We regularly incorporate federal regulation requirements, user behavior analytics and needs of marketing experts in our solutions. Our clients demand top-level UX, visual design and standards-based code because their reputation depends on it. With a small team like Scandia, we catch the details, and that makes all the difference. Scandia was founded in 2005 by Nik Wahlberg, an architect and veteran of the IT consulting field for the financial industry. Nik pairs his technical experience with a team of exclusive Umbraco developers & designers to provide you with a perfect mix of innovation and skill. Our national and global clients span the financial, healthcare, biotech, and manufacturing sectors. With over ten years experience in the financial space and Umbraco, there is no better vendor for your next website or mobile application.

Why We Seek Diversity in Our Creative Team

One reason why Scandia excels in the financial web development niche is because we value diversity. Our team is over 50% female and includes 4 nationalities in 3 timezones. We range in age from 19 to 39 which brings together emerging talent with experienced technicians. Team diversity has been shown to strengthen creativity due to the ability to see problems from multiple perspectives. In turn, our clients get the combined efforts of a vast array of cultures, ages and gender roles, which rounds out our highly regarded user experience around sensitive topics like security, finance and online banking.

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  • Nik Wahlberg
    Founder & CEO
    Nik Wahlberg
    Founder & CEO

    Nik is the go-to guy when it comes to building an Umbraco website in the USA. With a background in technology consulting spanning 15 years, he has been through a lot of ups and downs in the commercial website industry. Scandia was founded when the Umbraco CMS was in its infancy, and Nik was one of the first adopters of the software in the USA. He is the author of the only published book on Umbraco and continues to be an authority on best website-building practices.

    Nik has a wealth of knowledge on the intertwined layers that go into scoping, planning, building and launching Web applications and mobile solutions. His foundation includes several years of core .NET development and  strong background in UI development. He holds a B.A degree in computer science from Johnson & Wales University. At Scandia, Nik handles our business administration and guides the team by providing guidelines and clear direction for the project lifecycle. He ensures that strict standards are followed and consistent results delivered on all projects. In addition to working with clients on new project planning, Nik frequently writes code himself, which is one reason why he is so in tune with best practices from all angles.

    When there's time to spare, you can find Nik spending time with his two kids or playing a round or two of golf in his hometown of Providence, Rhode Island.

  • Amy Wahlberg
    Director of Client Services
    Amy Wahlberg
    Director of Client Services

    Amy has over fifteen years in technical project management. She manages all of our client's projects. She develops project plans including information such as project objectives, technologies, information specifications, and schedules. Amy holds a B.S. in Web Development/Internet e-Commerce from Johnson & Wales University. When Amy isn't working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two kids.

  • Farid Topchiev
    Project Manager
    Farid Topchiev
    Project Manager

    Farid is a recent engineering graduate from the University of Rhode Island. His attention to detail, ingenuity and methodical nature are all qualities that attribute to his success as a QA analyst at Scandia. Since he works in Scandia's intellectually and creatively stimulating environment, he is able to contribute first-hand to the analysis, design, development, and QA phases of projects.  Farid assists with project management responsibilities and maintains excellent relationships with his clients.

    In addition to his primary role at Scandia, he is also our on-site translator. Utilizing his Russian fluency, he is able to effectively communicate with offshore developers to maximize project progress and efficiency.  

    In his free time, Farid enjoys skiing, playing tennis, traveling and spending time with his family.

  • Kendra DeMello
    Accounts Manager
    Kendra DeMello
    Accounts Manager

    Kendra is our go-to for any client needs. She'll be the first to get your answers, status updates, or just helping to track one of us down. She also keeps the rest of us on track, so I guess you can say that she's our middle-(wo)man.

    Kendra has a rich past in day-to-day task management and overall project tracking. She graduated with a B.A. from UMass Dartmouth.

    When Kendra is not working she loves to hit the slopes on her skiis or go biking with her husband and daughter, Leah.

  • Dmitry Lazovsky
    Project Manager
    Dmitry Lazovsky
    Project Manager

    Dmitry is organized, thoughtful and a master of project development.  He has 11 years of experience in the IT industry, more specifically in hand-coded HTML and CSS for desktop and mobile devices.  Always adhering to W3C-established web standards, Dimitry maintains cross-browser/cross-platform compatibility in everything he codes, and he's adept at makings sure the rest of us stick to it too.

    Most of Dimitry's background has been in high-level, complex software development for large-scale client-server and standalone applications.  We are lucky to have him because of his expertise in designing user interfaces for mobile platforms including Android iOS, Windows Mobile, and desktop applications.


  • Konstantin Khristoforov
    Senior Umbraco Web Developer
    Konstantin Khristoforov
    Senior Umbraco Web Developer

    Konstantin has been in web development for more than a decade - very much like most of Scandia's experienced team.  With all that experience, he is an Expert in architecture design, single page applications development and enterprise web applications development. Our team often compliments Konstantin on his clean and structured code, which makes him easy to work with, and proficient in working with the rest of the team.  

    In his off time, Konstantin can be found programming at his desk, or looking up the newest way to write a complex javascript function.  He doesn't like to stick with the status quo, so he's always trying to make things better.  This guy just loves programming - what can we say?  He's in the right place at Scandia.


  • Alex Slabuhk
    Jr .Net Developer
    Alex Slabuhk
    Jr .Net Developer

    Alex is another one of our developers who can't get enough of software development.  He's been inundated with Web development for several years with a mind-boggling menu of languages under his belt.  Primarily a .NET developer, Alex works in SQL, Angular JS, C#, NUnit (among many others) and a strong background in UI development.

    The only thing that might drag Alex away from optimizing code and unit testing is soccer.  His wall is filled with cup trophies and medals from all his accomplishments on the field.  Fortunately for us, he leaves some room on his desk for his computer. 

  • Odin
    Mascot & Snuggle Buddy
    Mascot & Snuggle Buddy

    Odin is the cutest and furriest of our team at Scandia. Every morning, he races into the office and greets all of us thoroughly. Petting and belly rubs are mandatory. His primary responsibilities include supervising the office, sleeping, protecting us from either the UPS man or just the regular mailman, and more sleeping.  For his lunch break, Odin enjoys going for a "walk" in downtown Providence. As he pulls one of us down the street, he loves to take minor detours to chase after pigeons and receive compliments from strangers.


Professional & Umbraco Community Outreach

An important component to leading a successful business in the web industry is connection to fellow designers and developers.  We love Umbraco because of the company’s commitment to be the friendliest CMS on the planet - a tagline that is more than just talk.  Umbraco’s community is thriving across the globe with annual conferences like Codegarden, uWestFest and the Umbraco UK Festival, where developers, designers, project managers and clients come together to build relationships and knowledge.

Scandia is the host of the only North American Umbraco Conference called uWestFest, where hundreds of “Umbracians” gather each year to celebrate, learn and foster the friendliest network of talented developers anywhere.  Although it is lot of work outside our normal day to day, we are proud to continue hosting and doing our part to bring about Umbraco’s mission.

We invite all our clients to attend uWestFest as a way to connect and learn modern best practices for using the software.  Don’t just take our word for it, pre-register now for the next uWestFest and see what is all about!

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